ROI For An Inventory Service

How often have you thought about hiring an inventory service, but felt you couldn’t justify the cost – the Return on Investment (ROI)? This is normally because people feel that “it” will never happen to them. 

But ask a person who endured a tornado’s damage, experienced the loss from a burglary, or suffered the emotions of digging through a fire’s debris of water-soaked, melted “stuff” that used to be their belongings. They would say every dollar they paid for their inventory service would have been money well spent.

An example of the value of having an inventory is relayed by a client. He remembers watching his grandmother’s house burn. Reality is brutal! Fear, frustration, anger, despair, “why me?” You go full circle when dealing with a disaster. There were so many items that could not be identified because the fire burned them beyond recognition. How do you prove you owned something you don’t even recognize yourself?

Family members helped his grandmother remember quite a few items, but they know that thousands of dollars worth of belongings were not claimed. Those losses will never be recovered.

An adjuster recently stated that policyholders receive 30 to 70 cents on the dollar (average nation-wide). If you have $150,000 worth of contents and received a settlement of 50 cents (the middle of this range), you would need to personally come up with an additional $75,000 to get back to where you were before the loss. Having an inventory – being able to remember and show proof of ownership – will help you receive a more equitable settlement.
What is the ROI of an inventory service when you can recover with a maximized claim instead of receiving a minimum settlement? What is the ROI when you can replace time spent digging through muck with time rebuilding? What is the ROI when you can replace frustration with peace of mind?
The cost of the inventory service is certainly a great Return on your Investment.

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