Author: Julie Ulrich

Organized Legacy – Helping You Navigate Life’s Transitions

So, what is a legacy? It’s the stories and the belongings you leave behind for your family, friends, and community. It is a combination of decisions you have made in the past, but it is also affected by what you do today. With the right preparation, your legacy can be sculpted into whatever work of art you want it to be.

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Navigating 2024 with Less Clutter

Have you ever felt as if your possessions multiply year after year? Well, it most likely does! We tend to bring more into our households than we release, and years of doing so leave us feeling overwhelmed and surrounded by items we don’t need, use, or love.

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Getting Your Ducks in a Row

It may not be a comfortable topic, but it’s an important one. If something were to happen to you tomorrow, would your family know what accounts you have, and how to access them? What about your final wishes, do your loved ones know what you want? Let’s talk about advance planning and why it’s so important we get our ducks in a row.

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Decluttering and Organizing in 2021

The New Year is the perfect time to do some decluttering and organizing around your home and office — whether you’re moving or not — to lighten your load and give you that fresh start feeling we’re all craving these days.

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The Story of a Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management services are about coming up with solutions to help you manage your life. Whether you are simply strapped for time, or are in need of a compassionate helping hand, we listen to your stories and offer solutions that will make a positive difference in your life.

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